Hello World!

Hello World is a collaborative project initiated by Farshad Aref-far to commemorate International Day of Peace (21 September). Hundreds of designers from all different countries collaborated to make this project live to convey the message of love and respect to the people, native, homeless and immigrants who are suffering and struggling due to unnecessary war between their countries.

The task was for the designers' to produce designs saying ‘hello’ in their own language with custom typography. Here is my small contribution conveying love, culture and theme from India.

In this design, symbols, icons and colors are incorporated to portray the picture of India and its culture along with typography showing ‘Namaste’ (in Hindi) to sprout love and respect. Plus, symbolically representing the message that speaks, warmth, brighter day, happiness, peace and harmony.

Illustrations (design elements)
Rising Sun - the dispenser of darkness, the universal benefactor and energizer of all – animate and in-animate irrespective of country and topography.
Namaste - In India, we greet with respect by joining palms together saying ’Namaste’ (in Hindi), which means ’Hello’ in English. Namaste gesture symbolizes humility, hospitality, respect and dignity for all.
Peacock - with its colorful blue fan, resplendent tail that opens with the advent of rain which dispels the pains and scorch summer and augers the dawn of hope and peace on earth and in the minds of world populace. Also known as National Bird of India.
Taj Mahal - the beautiful mausoleum (tomb) epitomizing sustainable love
Wheel of Konark - also known as the wheel of progress in peace that stands with Black Pagoda, Konark.
The Bengal Tiger - the tigers of majestic beauty found in the serene Sundarbans, known to be the National Animal of India.
Goddess Kali - the destroyer of evil forces threatening peace and safety.
The Classical Kathakali Dancer  - the classical Kathakali dance of Kerla which reiterates the philosophy, mythology & epics of the ancient land to build up universal brotherhood and sustain peace, tranquility and love.
Lotus - symbolizing purity, love and beauty that transcends any worldly turbulence and disparity. Also known as the national flower of India.
India Gate - the famous war memorial, which recalls the win of justice and love over violence, hatred and war.

Unused Illustrations
Snake Charmer - invariably depicted wearing a turban—sits in a Lotus Position and plays an oriental-sounding melody on his flute (’pungi’ in Hindi), hypnotizing a snake sitting in a wicker.
Auto Rikshaw.

Other Details:
Design direction and design: Debashis Nayak
Content and contributor(s): Mihir Kumar Das